ClsRYGate Class Reference

#include <gate_named_one.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for ClsRYGate:
QuantumGate_OneQubitRotation QuantumGateBase

Public Member Functions

 ClsRYGate (UINT target_qubit_index, double angle)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QuantumGate_OneQubitRotation
virtual void update_quantum_state (QuantumStateBase *state) override
virtual QuantumGateBasecopy () const override
virtual void set_matrix (ComplexMatrix &matrix) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from QuantumGateBase
virtual ~QuantumGateBase ()
std::vector< UINT > get_target_index_list () const
std::vector< UINT > get_control_index_list () const
bool is_commute (const QuantumGateBase *gate) const
bool is_Pauli () const
bool is_Clifford () const
bool is_Gaussian () const
bool is_parametric () const
bool is_diagonal () const
UINT get_property_value () const
bool commute_Pauli_at (UINT qubit_index, UINT pauli_type) const
virtual std::string to_string () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from QuantumGateBase
const std::vector< TargetQubitInfo > & target_qubit_list = _target_qubit_list
const std::vector< ControlQubitInfo > & control_qubit_list = _control_qubit_list
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typedef void() T_UPDATE_FUNC(UINT, double, CTYPE *, ITYPE)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QuantumGate_OneQubitRotation
 QuantumGate_OneQubitRotation (double angle)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QuantumGateBase
 QuantumGateBase ()
 QuantumGateBase (const QuantumGateBase &obj)=default
QuantumGateBaseoperator= (const QuantumGateBase &rhs)=default
- Protected Attributes inherited from QuantumGate_OneQubitRotation
ComplexMatrix _matrix_element
double _angle
- Protected Attributes inherited from QuantumGateBase
std::vector< TargetQubitInfo_target_qubit_list
std::vector< ControlQubitInfo_control_qubit_list
UINT _gate_property =0
std::string _name ="Generic gate"

Detailed Description


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ClsRYGate()

ClsRYGate::ClsRYGate ( UINT  target_qubit_index,
double  angle 



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